A study shows that having a master’s degree improves employability

The Agència per a la Qualitat of the University System of Catalonia (Aqu) has elaborated the study “The labor insertion of the master’s degree graduates”, whose objective is to evaluate the employability of graduates with a master’s or post-graduate degree. The main conclusion that can be drawn is that 86% of the master’s degree holders in Catalonia have a job two years after finishing their studies.

The report shows that the employment rate improves as there is more training, as well, while the employment rate of people who only have one degree is 84.78%, reaches 86% in master’s degree holders and It reaches 93.13% in people who have a PhD.

If analyzed by areas, the data show a similar behavior among graduates and students with a master’s degree, being the field of Health Sciences the one with the best occupation rate (88.81%); followed by Engineering and Architecture (88.62%); Social Sciences (87.33%), Experimental Sciences (82.45%) and Humanities (79.54%).

Mobility is another aspect analyzed by the Aquarius and it is observed that the majority of respondents perform job searches in Spain. Only 3.79% of people who have studied a master’s degree go to work abroad, while 62% stay in Barcelona. In contrast, the number of doctors working outside the Spanish state reaches 14.30%.

Another interesting fact is the satisfaction with the training received. In this sense, although the assessment of the student body is mostly positive, the centers that teach masters and postgraduates must improve some aspects, since 33% would not repeat the same degree.

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