Start the course studying a master’s or postgraduate

It’s time to put the batteries to take advantage of the new course. Are you one of those who makes a list of good purposes in September? Are you thinking of training? Now is the time to take a master’s degree or postgraduate, specialized training that will allow you to deepen your previous knowledge and add value to your curriculum.

The offer of masters and postgraduates is very varied and follows from lines of general specialization, to proposals aimed at covering specific jobs. In Educaweb we make it easy for you: you can access the master and postgraduate search engine and consult the Master’s and Postgraduate Guide.

What characteristics should the best master have?

Nobody doubts that continuous training is essential to improve job prospects and promote career development. For Roberto Luna – Arocas. President of AEDIPE, continuous training is vital today only in my opinion requires us to reinvent ourselves in the type of training required by the company. From their point of view, it is necessary that the centers design more competitive training models, with greater return to the company and much more integrated into the strategic and development plans of the organizations. We need this training, this training is integrated specifically to each company.

Therefore, some of the competences that should be promoted by master students are the international profile (and not only the mastery of languages, but the predisposition to travel, the international network, etc.), the domain of the world 2.0 and the so-called soft skills (communication, leadership, coaching …). In addition, future managers who choose an MBA should know about sustainability, work and family life balance, among other aspects, therefore, higher education institutions have introduced changes in the curricula of their MBA, executive programs directed to professionals with experience and in masters and postgraduates.

In addition to taking into account the aspects mentioned, what characteristics should a good master have? What should we look at when making the decision? International mobility is a factor to be assessed when choosing a master’s degree. Montserrat Oliveras, director and director of Educaweb, believes that international mobility is a particularly relevant issue at the time of specialization. If the program offers this opportunity, it certainly deserves special attention. It can be found in very different formats but, in any case, it is a differentiating element when it comes to choosing and, in addition, it opens a lot of possibilities for the student: discover a different context, experience different degrees of demand, use new methodologies, expand the network of contacts, work experience in unfamiliar surroundings …

But, of course, it is not the only factor to take into account when choosing postgraduate training. It is necessary to assess the “professional moment” and the “personal moment” because the commitment to this training requires an investment of time and money. The decision requires a calm reflection and is the result of a multifactorial process in which aspects such as the reasons for choosing a master’s degree, the existing information about the courses and centers, the admission process, the student profile and networking must be evaluated. . Take into account all the options and compare them before deciding are essential actions.

Access the labor market with a master’s degree

The study “The Employability of the Qualified Population 2012” prepared by the Strategic Research Center of EAE Business School, points out that students with a master’s degree or postgraduate degree have less difficulty accessing the labor market. Thus, while the unemployment rate for the whole of the Spanish State is 26.6%, this rate for citizens with a Master’s, MBA or Postgraduate degree is 8.8%.

If you look at the training required in the jobs, a Adecco and Infoempleo Report, shows that 61% of the offers are aimed at university graduates, 39% require baccalaureate, vocational training or others, and 5% seek candidates with postgraduate training.

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