Harvard University teaches a postgraduate degree in Medicine in Huelva

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Harvard (USA) has chosen the University Hospital Complex of Huelva to teach its international postgraduate program of Clinical Research.

This is a postgraduate course specializing in clinical research principles and practices with an internship option, whose objective is to completely cover the concepts that a health professional with a high level of clinical research must deal with, statistical methods, how to write an article of research and the analysis of the different study designs.

The course lasts 9 months, is developed through videoconference in English and is also taught in Germany, Portugal and Russia, as well as in the United States and Latin American and Asian countries. Although the deadline for submitting applications has already expired, the Harvard website still allows the possibility of requesting information about this international program and opens a way to participate in it.

The headquarters of Huelva is directed by Carlos Cordero, specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the University Hospital Complex of Huelva and coordinator of the Neurorehabilitation Unit of the hospital center, who has affirmed that the postgraduate “is an opportunity to meet professionals from different fields and places around the world, creating a global network of researchers that encourages multicentre studies and other future collaborations.

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