The best MBA for entrepreneurs 2016

The financial magazine Financial Times has published a new ranking of postgraduate training specializing in finance. The classification presented during this month of June analyzes the best MBA programs aimed at entrepreneurs.

When you consider creating your own business, you doubt whether your management and administration skills are sufficient to carry out a startup. To meet these needs, business schools have begun to offer MBAs specifically aimed at entrepreneurs. The objective of these programs is to promote useful skills for entrepreneurs, such as the leadership of the project itself; strategies to differentiate from the competition; advertising and commercial techniques; market research techniques, etc.

The Top MBA entrepeneurship of the Financial Times shows that US business schools excel in specific training for startup managers. In its second edition of the ranking, the Stanford Graduate School of Business is once again in the first position, followed by the Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College and the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

This year’s classification has been prepared taking into account the data of the 2016 MBA global ranking and the data of the graduated students in these courses since 2012 with own companies still active (until the end of 2015).

Among the top 10 ranked are the Spanish IE Business School, which occupies the eighth position, and the IESE Business School, which completes the top 10.

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